Handpicked Groovy Alternative Arabic Music

The Arab indie scene has been buzzing with another music revolution that's keeping our ears entertained and feeding our spirits with just the kind of creativity we need.

Yara Berjawi

11/22/20226 min read

Are you looking for some groovy Arabic songs for the weekend? 💃🏻 We collected some great ones for you from all across the MENA. Let’s take a look!

🎧 @gharamelectric ⚡️ is @wass_bou_malham ‘s new solo project and we’re absolutely digging it! Known from the band Who Killed Bruce Lee and others, Wassim’s shifting gears with the refreshing synth meets tropical soundscape of Faqat Ala Bali. The gorgeous album artwork is by @oikawamayuki 😍

🎧 @hayajanband ‘s album Khusouf Al-Ard released in 2019 has a lot of gems. The last track Dinya Mosh Aminah has a delicious groovy guitar sound that is guaranteed to get your foot tapping and energize you. Did you recognize @alaawardi ‘s vocals in there? 😏 Album artwork comes all the way from Portland by @idrawgoodart

🎧 @galaleo__ and @amir.eid, frontman of Cairokee take you on a gamified space trip in their song Wahda Fada’ya. Grab a drink, find a partner and let’s get dancing to this groovy track 🤩 Totally loving the artwork by Muhammad Mustafa @oracle_ostraca

🎧 @hawasband love to explore different musical dimensions and genres. In the song Hal Sehry, they call upon the 80s which we all know was a time of dancing. Need a warm up song for your weekend. Save this one 🌝 The album artwork in inspired by anime Kimi No Na Wa.

🎧 @isleilx has a mesmerizing voice that softens the afrobeat in the song 3ini, making this song an intimate soundtrack to a social gathering. Leil started as a bedroom artists, and you can really hear it in this one. The single artwork compliments the personal touch with inter-dimensional colors.

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