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The face of @morethanindie

Yara Berjawi is the face behind More Than Indie. A 90's kid at heart, highly influenced by the rocking 90s and the rise of modern day indie music in the early 2000s. A marketer by profession, writer and highly sensitive soul, Yara enjoys shedding light on the experience that a well cultivated, multi-layered song presents. More Than Indie was born with the desire to shed light and lend an ear to the music that deserves (but is not) getting under the spotlight.

With a special attention to indie music sprouting from the Middle East and Arab Gulf countries, More Than Indie aims at introducing listeners to new music, forgotten hidden gems, and to give a voice to artists who love to share their experience with the world.

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"There's a whole world of untapped music. What attracts me to indie artists and music is the unfiltered, genuine energy that they express. It deserves more attention"

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